ALIEN SEED by Alice Xavier, or “At long last, the towering monster straddled my upturned ass.” (We Read Us Some Monster Erotica #4) ***

Title: “Alien Seed

Author: Alice Xavier

List Price At Time of Purchase: $2.99

Why We Bought It: Its dogged persistence in turning up in our “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought” Queue + The Excellent Cover + The Excellent Website + Its Persistent Placing in the Top 10,000 Ranking + Aliens + Sample

Characters: an unnamed “I”, an alluded to boring date that never makes his appearance (because the “I” gets abducted), and five multilingual and multiform shape-shifting aliens.

Setting: A desert highway and an alien spaceship.

Plot: A few pages of build-up, then an inspection, then an orgiastic impregnation. Let’s just say the baby is going to have between three to five fathers. The story takes on a playful meta-angle when it turns out the aliens read the monster smut the narrator has been reading and thus the narrator is treated to a ride on all the beasts straight out of her imagination.

Structure: Chronological, with brief white spaces where the narrator is made unconscious by the aliens.

Sexiest Moment: It’s difficult to choose. All 5 monsters are pretty hot, and they all fill her up “nearly to her limits.” We’ll go with a part from the final, “culminating” monster. “The indescribable wave of pleasure rushed through me so hard I screamed. The twisting mass of those thin, fluid tentacles expanded and undulated inside me, delivering untold pleasure. And then, more of them flowed over my folds and to my clit, and up to my breasts and pert, sensitive nipples.”

Most Trope-ish Moments: This story makes an open point of playing with tropes. It contains tentacles and ogres and all sorts of things, and it’s framed within an alien abduction story. This is shape-shifting tentacle/monster porn stuffed inside forced impregnation porn stuffed inside alien abduction & inspection porn. It’s a veritable monster smut turducken, all set out and ready for your holiday feasting.

Most Tender Moment: The narrator “suddenly” has many tender revelations and enlightenments throughout her subjugation, but we’ll go with one toward the end: “I was the vessel for a thousand beings, all different and exotic.”

tentacle black

The Verdict: 9 out of 10 tentacles.

The pure unbridled moxie of “Alien Seed” made Alice Xavier into one of our favorite monster-erotica writers. The gang bang scene was so long in the middle that we actually almost got exhausted, but that’s bound to be a strong feature for many. Going to check out her other stories!

*** Snark/Smarm disclaimer: We mean none of the above to come across as either snarky or smarmy. In our writing we often employ or stumble into tropes unknowingly or on purpose, and we’re sure people could read our stories as a laugh. We offer this up in the spirit of celebration: isn’t it great that we can write, read, and publish this at will? Writing monster erotica is a tough business. Kudos to our fellow writers for keeping up the good fight. (tentacle via deviant artist gutzygirl)

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